Vienna bound

It’s been a while since I’ve lived in Austria. In a way it feels like I’m going home. WordCamp Europe is there this weekend. If you are attending, come say “hi”.

I’m looking forward to the change in culture, language, and scenery. Last night, I kissed my kids for bedtime at grandma’s and bawled my eyes out… because that’s what parents do even when they need a break. It’ll be a long month away from them.

I miss the mountains and Salzburg too. That’s up next after WordCamp. Then off to Canada, Colorado, and California. 

Quiet Saturday

I hired a sitter today so I could have some me-time and get things done. High hopes of gingerbread house decorating, choir practice, and going for a run were all thwarted by my oncoming cold. 

So me-time today involves an extended walk through the park, sitting here, with the run music off, listening to the water cascade down the itty-bittiest of waterfalls. 

Anniversary of sorts

I work at Automattic and now help the customers of VIP with their sites. I got a notification a little bit ago that reminded me how the journey all started.

I applied to be a “Happiness Engineer“. (I’m a VIP Wrangler now.) It was the first job description I ever saw on the internet where my skill set matched 100% with what they were looking for. I went through a series of text interviews, answered some questions, and must have made some sort of positive impression. I was offered a paid trial where I could do the job and see if they were right for me and if I was right for them.

So today I saw this…
Screen Shot

and thought back on my trial and all that I’ve learned since. Good times!