Morning smiles

Sometimes when I put my son to bed and try to figure out reasons for him that make sense to stay in bed, need sleep, or wake up to happy things that won’t happen if he gets me up ten million times during the night… I bring out the big guns… Smiley face pancakes. 

I take a bit of the batter and mix in cinnamon. Banana slices, cinnamon batter noses, and cinnamon batter smiles go on first for about 20 seconds, followed by the normal batter to cover it. 

The awesome thing is, if I make too many I let them cool and then put them in a freezer bag to freeze for another morning. Toast them in the toaster and they’re all set.

Whirlwind cooking

Every year my parents throw an end-of-the-year party for the music faculty, present and past students who studied with my father, their families, significant others, and accompanists. People fast for days because they love my mom’s Greek cooking so much.

Someone usually runs the grill for most of the day. When the beef and chicken shishkabobs are gone, they put on the lamb, when the lamb is gone, they put on the steak. 

Back when I was in high school, I once got so grossed out by the amount of meat I was served during a trip to Europe that the first thing I wanted when stepping off the plane was a salad. The food wasn’t bad, it was just too much all the time. I was a vegetarian for 4 years after that. 

Today, as I was prepping all the meat for the shishkabob the thought crossed my mind again. If it hadn’t been amazing quality or a well-ventilated room I might have considered switching; I was on the edge just enough. 

Little giggles

The kids have been really good lately. They are listening, playing, being kind, and helping around the house. We wanted to acknowledge their amazing behavior and decided to take them to the dollar store. 

I have no idea how it happened… but they both wanted to get whoopsie cushions.

In the car ride home they also managed to learn how to re-inflate them on their own. 

The soundtrack of our drive home went something like this: 

Pffffffft. *Hahahaha* … Pffffft *hahaha* … Pffffffffft *ewwww*… Pfffff *squeal* pfffffttt *scream* pffffft *hahaha*


My little man isn’t so little anymore, and that was made much clearer today when I registered him for Kindergarten. They talked about school bus stops and curriculum and open houses, all the while I’m thinking ‘when did he get old enough to do this?’