Quiet Saturday

I hired a sitter today so I could have some me-time and get things done. High hopes of gingerbread house decorating, choir practice, and going for a run were all thwarted by my oncoming cold. 

So me-time today involves an extended walk through the park, sitting here, with the run music off, listening to the water cascade down the itty-bittiest of waterfalls. 

Anniversary of sorts

I work at Automattic and now help the customers of WordPress.com VIP with their sites. I got a notification a little bit ago that reminded me how the journey all started.

I applied to be a “Happiness Engineer“. (I’m a VIP Wrangler now.) It was the first job description I ever saw on the internet where my skill set matched 100% with what they were looking for. I went through a series of text interviews, answered some questions, and must have made some sort of positive impression. I was offered a paid trial where I could do the job and see if they were right for me and if I was right for them.

So today I saw this…
Screen Shot

and thought back on my trial and all that I’ve learned since. Good times!

Prepping for my first 5k

I’ve been running a lot lately trying to get ready for my first 5k next month. One of the routes I run sometimes takes me past this very calming creek. It’s very refreshing and re-energizing to have this kind of halfway point.

IMG_0143 IMG_0145 IMG_0146 IMG_0148 IMG_0149 IMG_0151 IMG_0144 IMG_0150